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MIE by

Honey & Bloom

2017 - 2019

I have had the privilege of working on several creative projects for MIE with Becky Hui Chan, a San Francisco based jewelry and graphic designer. 

My work with Becky has included collaboration in conceptualizing, planning and executing a distinguished brand identity through collection photoshoots, trade show appearances and market planning. 

MIE is an acronym for Modern, Inspired and effortless

To view the full collection, visit


Harlow & Grey


At Harlow & Grey, I have worked on product styling and photography and assisted with the promotion surrounding new products.

I’ve been responsible for brand promotion and awareness through marketing planning, brand communications, outreach, social media management and content creation.


For more information on the brand, visit

Almond Milk by CAN CAN Cleanse

2016 - 2018

CAN CAN Cleanse is a San Francisco based raw juice company specializing in three to five day cleanse programs, owned and operated by Teresa Piro. 

At CAN CAN, I assisted in the photography and market planning around projects such as CBD infused juices and an almond milk brand featuring over a dozen specialty flavors.

To learn more about the work that Teresa is doing to promote health, wellness and local, sustainable agriculture, visit

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